YOU can help make the difference!  

One Special Christmas [OSC] is a volunteer organization that helps provide a special Christmas for up to three families in need of Christmas cheer each year in our area. Our aim is to share Christ’s love in a big, tangible way. We want to help our families put aside their struggles for a while and create lasting memories of being surrounded by family, love, fun and laughter during one very special Christmas. 

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together".-Vincent Van Gogh 

Special Family - We are in the process of choosing our 2019 recipients. We will update you on their story as soon as we can. 

Join in - You can join the cause by giving, or you can create your own fundraiser page and ask more people to join. 

Thank you so much for helping the special families we serve, 

- Emily ValentiOne Special Christmas
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer


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